Nothing exites me more outside of my two amazing boys and my lovely wife than Chiropractic. I mean watching Messi play football is amazing, but my family and my job excite me the most. It is very easy to slip into and get excited about peoples symptoms getting better. For example, Yesterday was a patient of mine second adjustment and I asked him if he noticed anything different after his first adjustment. His answer was that it was the first time in what has felt like forever that he could have a good nights sleep and without pain. It becomes very easy to focus on what he did not have which was the pain because after all pain is the number one motivating factor for people to seek out help.

To me what is more important is what this man is gaining by being able to sleep better and get better rest. Pain can be easily silenced but when you do what I do and correct the reason for having the pain then you can see how lives can be changed. Helping people restore normal function allows them to recover and become more productive. Studies show that lack of sleep takes away your creativity. What we are doing for people is making them function better, concentrate better, recover better, rest better and be more creative. We are giving people more rather than putting patches on their symptoms.

It´s an amazing thing. If you are not seeing a Chiropractor then you should look for one. Don´t wait until you have a problem to fix. Avoid the problem with regular Chiropractic care, but more importantly let us help you live your life in an amazing way.

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